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magnetic Manifold gauge holder

MagFlex Clipon gauge hanger

MagFlex Clipon  its time to change how u hang the gauges!

there is an  easier and better way to work  with the 

manifold gauges on the job with the magFlex Clipon. 

It's time to change how U

 hang the gauges! U don't need the hook


magnetic inspection mirror

MagFlex clipon & inspection mirror

Makes the job easier

MagFlex Clipon inspection mirror 

combo can make it easier when

soldering the hvac unit gives you

an extra hand to hold the mirror

in place while soldering to avoid

mistakes and having to re solder

again, The magFlex clipon mirror

lets you do the job easier & faster

the first time!

Magstackable / MagCup magnetic stackable storage

cup small parts holder

Introductory price either one $ 10.95

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Magstackable makes it easy to have all the small parts you need right

 there when working on the Hvac unit all in one easy handy storage

 5 stackable cups to carry your valve cores, valve caps & electrical 


MagCup  the single storage  that lets you take  the small parts with on the job

MagFlex Clipon

 MagFlex Clipon  

magnetic clipon gauge hanger makes it easy to hang & work with the manifold gauges on the a/c unit its easier then the  industry used hook! It's time to change how  u hang the gauges! MagFlex Clipon it's easier! u don't need the hook anymore! 

( U can get a second clipon adapter FREE to add to your second gauge & use only one

magnetic Clipon hanger )  with pre order.

( TEST ) Tire easy service tool


Tire gauge & Inflator

The Tire easy service tool lets you check

the pressure in your tires 

and fill it from the same tool 

all in a compact tool you

can carry in any glove compartment

it's easier faster and more accurate.

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Panline adapter service tool


( past adapter )

The most complet a/c drain line service tool on the market

The Past adapter Works on any 3/4 pvc pipe & works with the directional 

tools that come with the flow switches on the market today. The past 

adapter is the most  complete a/c drain line service tool, You can treat the

 line, flush it, blow it & vacuum it all from the same tool no need to use any

other tool to maintain the a/c drain line clear & flowing.

No need for any other tool to maintain the drain line

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New product coming The Rabbit

The Rabbit Clipon hose tool

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( Blog ) inhalant abuse

These Blog  is about inhalant abuse those products that are in and around our homes.

Inhaling chemicals is more wide spread

 then people believe. In fact, 1 in 5 teens has used household products, 

including refrigerants, to get high. 

 " Sniffing or Huffing" chemicals is 

the choice of kids from 6 to 12 year

olds to get high on.  Results are severe

and can result in death called Sniffing Death Syndrome even from the first time they try it. Protect to prevent

tamper resistant valve core

Tamper resistant noflow core